Who We Are

What is Booster-2019 ?

BOOSTER 2019 is a well established Software developed by i-Softwares, which is being used by thousands of Engineers.

Booster is not just an estimating software but it provides full range of advanced features to the engineers and builders. It is far ahead of other estimation softwares.

BOOSTER software is being used by several Govt. departments and many private builders through out India. By use of this software, the working of Engineers has changed drastically and their efficiency has been increased many folds.

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Our Key Features

Why Booster is the Best Software ?


Estimate ( English and Hindi )

a) By DSR Code No
b) By DSR Rate
c) By Text Search
d) Project Bar ChartLearn More »

Theoretical Statement

a) Cement : by Estimate/ Rate Search / Bill
Cement Register with date wise entries
b) Bitumen : by Estimate/ Rate Search / Bill\
c) Labour : by Estimate / BillLearn More »

Bill : i/c Secured Advance and Advance Payment

a) Computerized MB and Reinforcement MB
b) Computerized Abstract
c) Paint Statement
d) Since Previous Calculations
e) Part Rate statement
f) Recovery statement
g) Form 24, Form 26 etc
h) Test Check of AE and EELearn More »

More Features

  • Justification and Rate Analysis i/c all materials list.
  • Extra Item Statement with distribution of items as per powers of AE/EE/SE/CE
  • Substitute Item Statement with distribution of items as per powers of AE/EE/SE/CE
  • Deviation Statement with distribution of items as per powers of AE/EE/SE/CE

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Wait !!!

This is not the end !!! We have some more features in Booster !

  • Entry of Non DSR items with or without AR
  • Entry of Non DSR basic Materials
  • Date calculations
  • Interactive Steel Table
  • All statements are exported to excel along with formulas
  • Excel Bill Check
  • NIT ,Award Letter , PG letter , Hand Receipt , Survey Report , Show cause Notice , Final Notice & EOT , FLR etc
  • Auto Online Updating of setup and correction Slips
  • CPWD  DSR 1997 to 2019
  • Keys are for Lifetime,are anti-theft and can be used on any number of PCs but once at a time.


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